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Aalthea -  rose of Sharon                                angel

angel trumpet                                                                            bird

aspen                                                                                       boot

begonia broken                                                                      heart

blue sky vine                                                                       bumble bee

comfrey                                                                              butterfly

coral bells                                                                           cat

foxglove                                                                            cowboy hat

geranium                                                                          cross

gingko                                                                                 dog

hosta                                                                                   dog bone

hibiscus                                                                             dragon fly

hydrangea                                                                           duck

ivy                                                                                             fish

lambs      ear                                         flower

leopard spot farfugium                                                             frog

lilac                                                                                            heart

magnolia                                                                                 lady bug

morning glory                                                                       lego block

nasturtium                                                                         Lego man

orchid tree                                                                           lizard

redbud                                                                                shells

ricepaper                                                                             Texas


tater vine

lemon balm


caladium / elephant ear


lemon balm



four o’clock



pothos ivy





Thanks you for taking the time to look at my creation I am offering to other families with lost loved ones. They are called CreMasons, and are designed to be cast with the ashes of the lost love. 

How it came about – In 2015, I lost my only son Masons Bednar to a car accident. While in Colorado Springs after the accident,  I got the idea to cast his ashes into gingko leaves. I am a concrete artist and use leaves in my art. So I googled gingko trees near me and the first thing that came up was a map!

So it started.   I cast many Gingko  leaves with his ashes and shared them with family and friends all over the world. I wish to be able to create the same opportunity for you at a reasonable price. There is a wide variety of ashes art available on line but it is very expensive so it does not lend itself for everyone. Since Mason’s death,  I have created the Mason’s Foundation, and all proceeds will benefit this charity.

Ashes can be cast into the leaf of your choice. I have 35 varieties available that I have made silicone molds of so they can be reproduced at any time of the year.

Let me help you discover which one is right for you if something does not come to mind. Think of your loved one and what grew in their yard, or perhaps it’s a special plant from childhood or a special vacation. Many leaves have symbolic meaning, and this may help you choose the right one.

Each leaf comes in a velvet bag, and the leaf has a bail embedded in the back with a decorative cord. They range in size from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. I will create a card with a little info about the person and why the leaf or object has been chosen.

If leaves are not your choice we can also cast the ashes into shapes that may better represent your loved one. Perhaps an angel, or a cross or heart. Are they into fishing or hunting, sports? If it a child, perhaps a Lego man or a butterfly.  Maybe she was a seamstress or someone who loved to read….  How can we best represent them? What were their interests?

How it works-  I will send  you a package with a container and return addressed package for you. The size depends on the amount of pieces you want cast. It takes very little ashes per piece. A mere teaspoon per item. When they arrive, they will sit with my son’s ashes till time to cast. 

I would like to have a photograph of your loved one, and to know their favorite music so I can listen to it while I am casting. I will enclose a little questionnaire for you to fill out about them so I can know them better.  This is an honor and a sacred thing I am being allowed to do, and I will hold your loved one’s ashes in high esteem throughout the entire process.

Here is a list of what I have available now.   If you don’t find something that fits, lets find one that does! You can find pictures of them on the website  you will get redirected to the site, depending on your search engine.

Our cost for CreMasons:

1 – 4  $45.00 each

5 – 10  $35.00 each

11 and up $25.00 each